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Tag : Closer

They are not alone

I look for it in the eyes, the corners of the mouth, the shape of the jaw. Nope, hasn’t aged at all since the last time I saw her, three years ago. Physically, anyway. She carries herself a bit differently, more subdued, more assured. We were more at ease with each other, maybe we because we were more at ease with ourselves, maybe because there was far less connection between us than there had been. Now we were just two […]

Very little conversation

Much as I love color, a shot like this works far better in black and white. Lets me focus on Tina’s form, the emotion she’s giving out in her pose. Situation like this, I basically just got out of the way and let her move, took a shot when I connected with the pose. Very little conversation, very little direction. Tina knew what she was doing, all I had to do was not fuck up my part.

Du schüttest deine Zärtlichkeit aus über mich

Die Leidenschaft bewirkt, daß man nicht mehr essen, nicht mehr schlafen, nicht mehr normal arbeiten kann, sie raubt einem den Seelenfrieden. Sie reisst alles mit, was sich ihr in den Weg stellt. (Paulo Coelho)   Du schüttest deine Zärtlichkeit aus über mich. Ich stehe immer staunend vor der Tatsache, in welch unendlichem Umfang du fähig bist dazu. Ich lehne mich an dich, geniesse es dich an mir zu spüren von Kopf bis Fuss. Ich lege meine Hand auf die deine […]