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Your smile warms my heart like the sun warms my skin

You can’t imagine how excited I am to be seeing your smiling face in Los Angeles. How wonderful it will feel to wrap you in my arms and feel your heart beating next to mine. To feel your breath upon my skin and to once again, taste your sweet lips. While it’s only been a few days, it feels like an eternity. And I know our time together will seem to rush by us like the wind.


Wintermorgen, Flockenwirbel, aus zarten Träumen sanft erwacht, Blumengruss an Fensterscheiben, noch im Haar den Duft der Nacht.  

It means thanks

Gonna do it again and again, this shot, trying to capture that idea of a moment caught, of a look given to me (the camera) in the middle of a crowd. Feel rather close to it, here. Damn, I need to hail up Anna, shoot her again.  

Der Augenblick ist die einzige Realität

Du hast mir geschworen, dass das Licht nach den dunklen Jahren unfassbar sein würde. Ich habe dir nicht geglaubt. Du hast mich in deinen Briefen, in deiner fein geschwungenen Schrift mit nach draussen genommen, in den Regen, den Wind. Du hast die richtigen Fragen gestellt, aber das habe ich erst begriffen, als ich zum ersten Mal über das Blutrot der Sonne staunte. Über die unsagbare Stille der Berge. Über grandiose Blumenfarben am Strassenrand. Als ich den Kopf in den Nacken […]

Before you, I was lost

My days were more of a formality than a gift, and I was questioning many of the core elements that are me. A lifelong optimist, I had begun to question hope. In case you don’t know, that was a very dark and seemingly dangerous place for me to be. The desire to sleep through the day so I could avoid the countless questions swirling in my brain was strong. I was ashamed of my inability to trudge through the down […]