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It is time for sorting photos

Seeing how my work changes over time. I pit the years against each other, weigh ’em depending on how the photos are in each set. And hell, it is handy for seeing where I am today, versus where I am in, say, 2019, or 2010.
And I can’t argue with the fact that it makes for a convenient time to reflect.

And now, I’m gonna keep doing what I’ve been doing. Posting photos of people having a good time (though it might not always be apparent…but if you like the picture, it’s probably because we were having a good time), rambling on about it because I enjoy the sound of my own voice and there’s both a therapy and a catharsis in taking thoughts from my head and putting ’em here, and hopefully chatting with all of you.

“2010 – Hadn’t shot her in two years, and that last shoot…well, we missed the light, ended up with photos too dark, no background, didn’t work at all. And ended up with this Picture, which her adored.”

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