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But then I see a shot like this in the viewfinder

Have a model use their face in one way, it's seductive. Take a shot from a certain angle, your model is submissive. With her, out there at the river, I wanted the exact opposite. Proud, strong. Maybe it's my connections with her natural, Pride, the way her dress evoked a gown, the way, if I directed her just right, she came off as someone Royal. I kept telling a model the other day to tilt her chin in a specific way, and she countered with "all the other photographers tell me to do it the opposite way." I just smiled. No I didn't, I said "none of them know what they're doing." Because I am occasionally an asshole, but more accurately, I was right and they were wrong. Or, more accurate still, they were after something completely different. Something as small as how the chin is positioned matters. All the pieces matter, to quote my favorite show. Her's dress, her hair, the lipstick, how her shoulders are, where she's looking. All the pieces matter, and they all came together just the way I wanted, here.



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