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I’a staying in the past forever

That's a mildly uncomfortable part of going back through the archives, I can't quite remember exactly what happened...

That detachment from actual events...disconcerting, yes, but also Very helpful when going back at old photos. This one, I dig it! I completely ignored it, at the time.
I have no idea why.

I was so focused on getting the color temp right, on learning color temp, on making that light look the way I wanted it to in post, that I pretty much forgot about the three of us just walking around my neighborhood.

But now, oh now, I appreciate it, also the hint of overexposure.

I am very conscious of an old saying a good friend taught me: Live in the future too much, you'll be filled with anxiety. Live in the past too much, you'll be filled with regret.

Which I believe...except when it comes to photos. This is great.
See ya never, future.


I'a staying in the past forever.


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