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I’m sayin no

She isn't a big fan of having her picture taken.

This is probably how I started descriptions in at least thirty photos, back in the early days. I'd talk about how I wrangled someone who wasn't into being photographed, how I'd woo and cajole them, and how, inevitably, once they saw the picture, they'd be sold on the whole least when I was the one doing the picture-taking.

But she, see, she loves movies. Loves that good light. So when I saw it hit her face, tempered by the windows behind us at the canteen parlor, I was startled. And she was startled. And we both saw it and knew a picture had to be taken.

And this, this right here, is the mark of not only friendship, but kinship. She put her distaste for being photographed aside for the Higher Good.

And damned if that light (and she) didn't photograph just perfectly.



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