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#The Age of Innocence

#The Age of Innocence

She was at the tail end of a day filled with five auditions and not enough food.

Me, I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, end of the day was my beginning of the day, she in tow, ready to make some photo magic, ready to play around on the street again.

And those two days didn't quite sync up, felt like we were speaking two different languages.

Which meant I didn't (couldn't?) connect/engage, which left me with simple directions as we walked back and forth on the street, and the more I struggled to communicate, the less I wanted to communicate, focusing less on her and more on the environment, on the light, letting her move on her own, go through a mysterious series of emotions and gestures, randomly smiling that ideas only she knew the source of.

And it worked, just barely. I learned from it, less about making sure to Engage than becoming aware that at times I just don't Want to work for it. I was in that room seeing that we were on different wavelengths and, looking within, saw I didn't want to do the work to bridge the gap.

And that's okay, too. Have to be able to recognize when it's not working, recognize that sensation within myself that I'm not Feeling it. Pivot accordingly.

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