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What do I want to say

How do I want to say it.

And then I write, and then I edit, smoothing out the bumps, paying as much attention to the flow of the sentences as the content, thinking of it musically.
Do the sentences Move? Do they glide? Does the mind roll along through the sentences with ease? Does it sound like I speak?
I read a sentence that doesn’t work and it’s like driving my car over an unfinished road, parts of it paved, parts of it just rough gravel. My bones rattle and I dig in, smooth it out.
The worst is when I see bad writing and can Hear how it should be. Arrogance, maybe, but I know what I like and I know what works for me. Should be, maybe that’s inaccurate. I can hear how I want it to be. Suppose it’s like music, there’s music I like, there’s music I don’t, and telling that difference is instinct as much as anything else.

This here’s my music, there’s a sound to it in my head, a cadence I use. Accompaniment for the photos, if you will.

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