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Before you, I was lost

My days were more of a formality than a gift, and I was questioning many of the core elements that are me. A lifelong optimist, I had begun to question hope. In case you don’t know, that was a very dark and seemingly dangerous place for me to be. The desire to sleep through the day so I could avoid the countless questions swirling in my brain was strong. I was ashamed of my inability to trudge through the down spell while maintaining my life with a smile as I had always done. Again, the only word to describe it all is ‘lost’.

Getting to know you as a friend was a new bright spot in my days. I woke up looking forward to corresponding with you, learning more about the woman behind the internet nickname. I found myself doing silly things like leaving my computer on all day with the sound turned all the way up so I wouldn’t miss the new message alert, wouldn’t miss anything you had to say. I’ve tried to figure out just what it was about you that intrigued me so, but the only word that comes to mind is magnetism.



(A part of my short story “One last thing…“)

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