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If you can make a woman laugh

Warms my heart, watching someone just give themselves over to a big ol’ laugh.

I have been called a funny guy, sometimes as compliment, sometimes as admonishment.
But when taking somebody’s picture? Oh how it comes in handy.
Subject’s too focused on how they’re looking? Make ’em laugh.
Everyone’s a bit tense from maybe tough working conditions? Make ’em laugh.
Make ’em laugh and you’ve got at least a few seconds of something your subject didn’t plan on.
You’ve got a glimpse at a greater level of authenticity.
Maybe. I’ve seen folks whose guffaws were just as controlled as anything else they were doing.
I suppose I want any contrivance in a shoot to be a result of a decision I’ve made, rather than the default demeanor someone’s come into a shoot with.
So with folks like that, folks that keep it reined it even when they’re laughing, only one thing I can do: make ’em laugh harder.

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