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Dir sind rote Flügel gewachsen

My Dear
I know how much my naughty messages turn you on; they turn me on, too. I have another- I hope you like it.
I imagine coming in from somewhere and you waiting for me on the bed. You begin to instruct me to undress slowly. First I am to remove my dress. And you just lay next to me looking at me. You lean over and give me a soft gentle kiss. You roll me over so my back is toward you, and you move my hair to the side and kiss my neck softly. I feel some soft nibbles then you get hungry to taste me and begin to suck hard and rough on my neck. It hurts a bit and a give a small cry of pain out. But that does not stop you, it only makes you suck harder. You reach around and take my breast in your hand and give a squeeze. I feel you unclasp my bra. I let out a long breath and await your touch, but instead you move my hand to my breast and tell me to squeeze it and play with it while you watch….




Ich sitze auf dem Bett. Lasse meinen Rücken in die weiche Decke fallen. Richte mich auf. Lege meinen Kopf in den Nacken und starre an das Weiss der Decke. Drehe mich hin- und her, bewege mich vor und zurück. Ziehe mich zusammen und strecke mich. Richte mich auf, lege mich hin, setze mich. Tanze, renne, gehe, stehe, krieche.



Come on, come on
Put your hands into the fire
Explain, explain
As I turn, I meet the power
(Thirteen Senses)

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