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..the secret of the great stories is that they have no secrets

In the night of love words tangled in her hair
(Roy Orbison)

Good morning, my love

When you wake and find this letter, my side of the bed will be cool to the touch. There will still be a dent on the pillow were this letter lays from where I have lain in bed at the early hours of the morning staring at your sleeping face and enjoying the feel of my thigh over yours.
The mornings when I wake with you are the best mornings in my life. This letter could never describe the feelings I felt leaving you today and knowing that when you wake I’ll be halfway across the United States away from you. The only way it was possible was because I know that in two more months we will be together again, and this time it will be a permanent stay.

I will see you soon. I’m counting the days, and in every one of them, I will love you more.

Eine wunderbare Heiterkeit hat meine ganze Seele eingenommen, gleich dem Sommermorgen, den ich mit ganzem Herzen geniesse.

Ich bin glücklich, so ganz im Gefühl versunken.

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