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Quiet Moment

I know I’m old, but sometimes I’m reminded in a particularly acute way.

Diana and I are shooting, it is quiet, it’s a perfectly overcast day, the best kind here, which usually sees, true story, too much sun. We’re shooting, laughing it up, and all of a sudden here are two young punks walking up to us at a leisurely pace, these young bastards with no care in the world and infused with strong auras of individuality, despite the fact they’re basically wearing Punk Uniforms, as dictated by something they saw or read.

And they’re laid back, been hiking all morning, looking for a giant cross you can see from the 101 freeway in the Cahuenga pass, a cross I’ve seen for decades, a cross that’s always kind of irked me, not attached to a church, just put up on the hill so that everyone would see it, architectural proselytization.

I tell ’em there’s no public road up there, you’d have to walk right up the mountain, which would require more than a bit of tresspassing and law-breaking.

Which they nod their heads and and get right down to doing.

At which point I realize I’m old. Because I’m jealous. Jealous of that specific kind of freedom, the freedom of believing there are no serious consequences to my actions, and if through some great series of bad luck dominoes falling, I can always squirm my way out.

Magnifient bastards, I hope they found that fucking cross.

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