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I’m lately very much drawn to the color palette of the night

Which means I’m going to be shooting the same thing again and again, trying to figure out exactly how I would like to shoot.The Night, what is, for me, the optimum set-up.

I didn’t realize that for awhile, was just shooting because I liked the frame I’d built, going to a certain stretch of street, using the lights that stay on forever, placing my subject in front of them and having some fun.

But I saw it, last time I was there. Linked it to what I do generally. Trying out similar things, refining, again and again.

For the same reason I like shooting the same person multiple times, I like using the same locations. I enjoy wrestling with a location, or struggling to get a shot of someone’s face juuuuuuust right.

And then on to the next person/location/situation.

But not until I’ve gotten it right…

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