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Shooting as much as I’ve been lately, I get bored fast. Especially when I’m shooting Jessica, who I’ve shot many many times.

The pretty shots just don’t do it for me. The proud stances, the fancy light, when she’s in my viewfinder, I’m constantly trying to figure out something More.
Results in a lot of shots I’ll end up deleting. A lot of playing around, trying to sort through what’s working and what isn’t.
This shoot was very much that, me unhappy with most of the ideas I was coming up with.
Then we both slide a little coming down the hill and it’s a lightning bolt across my thoughts.

I have her slide.
Then have her do it again.
And again. Struggling with the focus, with the light, with just enough flare, with her positioning as she runs/falls.

Then we got the shot.

And I had her do it again anyway. Look at her, it was hilarious!

Boredom gets you chasing fun, gets you this.

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