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Kathrin – Shut your eyes and see

Kathrin loved the pictures I took of her, was constantly surprised to her face in a way she liked. It was energizing, had me shooting her far more than I'd planned, just to see her joyful reactions.

It's a bit of that ol' magic I enjoy so much, showing people what they look like through my eyes.

And yeah, most of the time I like going in having my subjects know what I'm capable of, but oh man, her face when she saw her face! I should've taken a picture of That.

Doesn't happen often enough, maybe I don't make it happen often enough, that energy passing back & forth between me and my subject, where we're both jazzed. It's an ebb & flow, remembering to get that energy going in a shoot. Because it really does make all the difference. It's more than just that it results in better photos, it results in the photos not mattering, because the experience...I've read in a bunch of places, people tend to be more satisfied, tend to be happier for longer, with Experiences, rather than Things. You buy a thing, you make a thing, you're happy for awhile. But eventually you want another thing, want/need to make something else.

But and experience, man, that satisfaction goes and goes and goes.

It's at that point I'm happiest in a shoot, when I take a moment to realize I'm just having a great time. Doesn't matter what the shots look like when I get home, because I'll have the joy of the experience to carry with me.

And that's where this shot came from.