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Category : California

Quiet Moment

I know I’m old, but sometimes I’m reminded in a particularly acute way. Diana and I are shooting, it is quiet, it’s a perfectly overcast day, the best kind here, which usually sees, true story, too much sun. We’re shooting, laughing it up, and all of a sudden here are two young punks walking up to us at a leisurely pace, these young bastards with no care in the world and infused with strong auras of individuality, despite the fact they’re basically […]

Hoffnungslos hingegeben: Rainer Maria Rilkes “Die Liebende”

A Woman in Love Der Sitz der Seele ist da, wo sich Innenwelt und Aussenwelt berühren. Der Sitz der Seele ist da, wo sich Bewusstes und Unbewusstes berühren. Die Liebende Ja ich sehne mich nach dir. Ich gleite mich verlierend selbst mir aus der Hand, ohne Hoffnung, dass ich Das bestreite, was zu mir kommt wie aus deiner Seite ernst und unbeirrt und unverwandt.   … jene Zeiten: O wie war ich Eines, nichts was rief und nichts was mich […]

Very little conversation

Much as I love color, a shot like this works far better in black and white. Lets me focus on Tina’s form, the emotion she’s giving out in her pose. Situation like this, I basically just got out of the way and let her move, took a shot when I connected with the pose. Very little conversation, very little direction. Tina knew what she was doing, all I had to do was not fuck up my part.